Blood, Guts, Sex: Deadpool

Blood, Guts, Sex: Deadpool

By: Louis Schwartz

Cinema! No better way in the word to go and view a movie than in the theatre. The smell of popcorn, the massive sodas that are too big for one and leads one to the restroom in agony with thoughts of missing an important scene. The movie that I reluctantly chose to view was Deadpool which is best characterized by me as a hot mess. The movie was directed by Tim Miller, a director that was only previously known for his work as a writer/director in film shorts. This movie finds humor through horrific violence and desensitizes the viewers to extreme on screen gore. This is the kind of movie that you can just shut your brain off because there’s no kind of logic or deeper meanings within the movie. The realm that this movie covers within Fem film studies is that of the lad flick, which gives off a negative portrayal towards women and superheroes alike. The significance of this film is to ease the viewer into seeing how violence is comical and so is the objectification of women as long as superheroes or in this case the antihero telling the story, tell us so. Crude humor and extreme violence pushes us to forget the social injustices being done to women in film. Every super hero from Spiderman to Superman has a rough past which is to signify the relations to super hero and oneself. This chaotic film displays an antihero if you will, a protagonist that want to have nothing to do with the word hero in anyway.

                The movie is all in the cover, nothing more and nothing less, just a big gun to resemble that someone is big in the pants. Right from the get go I go into the theatre thinking “why did I do this”, this movie is only going to be extreme violence, sexual innuendos, dick and fart jokes. I also left the theatre with the same reaction but more like “why did I waste $12 on the movie.” The hero that hates to be labeled as the hero because it’s too played out but not the fact that the movie plays into the whole damsel in distress role which literally happens in every superhero movie. This movie would characterized as being a ‘lad-flick’ with the extreme amounts of humor but adds in an overwhelming amount of mega gore action. This film exemplifies “The contemporary ‘lad flick’ combines different elements to focus specifically on the interpersonal difficulties facing contemporary masculinity.”(6) Lad Flicks: Discursive reconstructions of masculinity in popular film Rosalind Gill. With most of the lad flick genre of films try and make the man seemingly lack masculinity, in this film it takes that and flips in on its head and makes Ryan Reynolds overly masculine. Even though they film tries to portray him as overly masculine he constantly questions his manhood through perverted jokes and raunchy sex scenes with him and his girlfriend Vanessa. After meeting the beautiful Vanessa he goes from bounty hunter badass brute and transforms into the tame happy house broken boyfriend. Just like she changes from the oversexualized, self surveillent prostitute into the caring and sweet girlfriend, as they both sit and read books as they celebrate a holiday without having hardcore sex.


According to Rosalind Gill “The ‘Lad’ must grow up and overcome their subordination to homosocial values and become a proper adult.” Lad flicks: Discursive reconstructions of masculinity in popular film. Which is indeed what both of them do until something really real happens to Wade (Deadpool). Wade has Cancer and Vanessa tries to be there for him and Wade does what every hard headed over masculine male does best runs away because no one can help wade but himself. Generally the growing up of the character happens in the end of the film but this one happens within the beginning and after that humanistic reasonable Wade dies and sadistic raunchy Deadpool arises. Well I guess Ajax helps turn him into this ridiculous monster after wade has nowhere to turn due to his cancer and wade runs into some shady guy in the bar and ends up in a mutant transformation death camp. Where Ajax the monstrous mega asshole turns wade into the repulsive Deadpool after days and days of torture. The Film uses a lot of school yard humor that is incredible slapstick, hit in the nuts kind of funny like I said earlier you don’t have to think much at all. The use of several explosions and absurd violence makes this unrealistic thriller seem extraordinarily comical. This film uses the “flip to strip” method as Annabelle Mooney describes in Boys will be Boys. Which shows violence, violence, violence and then a naked woman throughout the whole entire picture which is for the arousal of young males and it displays a poor representation of women through grotesque objectification. Not only are women poorly represented but people of color aren’t represented well at all either in this film. The only two characters that are of color in the movie are the taxi driver that appear at the beginning and the end of the film, which his character is only present in the times of vengeance. The taxi driver is unsure of himself and is passive when Deadpool doesn’t give him fare for the cab ride and his only purpose is to fill comedic space which is overrun with Deadpool being overly crude. The other character of color is his roommate that he finds throughout his task for revenge against Ajax. They show her as old and clumsy and blind, the film at least leaves her a sense of humor. Deadpool walks all over her making a mockery of her in every scene that they’re together and he almost attempts to masturbate with her in the room.


   As it is so in every other superhero or antihero or Marvel movie guess what happens? His ex. Love Vanessa gets kidnapped by none other than Ajax, which makes her into the damsel in distress, helpless and no one can help her but the hypersexualized Deadpool. Which leads into the all-out brawl between good and evil, which the X-men come to help Deadpool because why not? Were all in it together to ploy another X-men movie. At least this battle shows Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Good X-men Girl) and Angel Dust (Evil Girl) kicking the shit out of the boys. Angel Dust really does a number to Colossus (other X-man) and then Negasonic Teenage Warhead destroys Angel dust in the end and destroys the shipyard in turn. In the end Deadpool and the X-men come up on top and Deadpool gets Vanessa in the end, even though he’s disfigured she looks past that and she would still sit on his face.

Overall I thought this movie was mmh, I would give it a strong 4/10. I enjoy comical movies just like the rest of them but the kick in the nuts humor and the absurd degradation of women was thoroughly unappealing to me the viewer. The theatre really helped with the entertainment especially with all of the explosions and car flipping violence. I just don’t understand how sex, sex, sex, fart jokes and violence makes a good movie. This film truly lacks depth and you the viewer aren’t immersed into any sort of earth shattering character development. I truly wouldn’t recommend this film to anyone unless you having literally nothing better to do and you’re inebriated.

                I chose to see this film with my best friend Jarrod and we saw this flick at The Icon movie theatre in St. Louis Park. This was more of a high class movie theatre with a bar and a restaurant in the upstairs of the theatre. This theatre is located in The West End area in St. Louis Park which is definitely a little more price and ritzy, with movie tickets being a staggering $12. I obviously bought popcorn and a soda because it goes hand and hand with the movie experience, which in turn led me to use the bathroom in the middle of the film, such an inconvenience. The people in the theatre were a melting pot of different ages and ethnicities but the theatre was predominately male viewers. A lot of people were freaking out and cheering during the film and I heard the phase “holy shit” uttered several times. Mostly chuckles roared throughout the theatre on lots of occasions and even though I didn’t give the film a good grade I was one of those people laughing. With the immense amount of violence when I voyeuristically peered around the theatre I noticed on several occasions people covering their eyes.


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