Brick Wall or Glass Ceiling?

In Dargis’ article, “In Hollywood, It’s a Men’s, Men’s, Men’s World” Dargis digs up the dirty details on the truth about female directors in Hollywood… there almost non-existant.

Dargis writes, “by the end of this year, the six major studios (not including their art-house divisions) will have released three movies directed by women”. Dargis discusses scholars theorize that this is because directors are hired if they appear ‘less risky’ (like those doing the hiring), or because of money. The second an investor hears ‘girl’, they run far away screaming. Therefore, women can’t get funding for their projects, it’s deeper than just directors or writers or hiring teams, it’s all about the money.

Until society can view the work of women as exemplary, only then can we move away from this sexist ideal that they are not worth the investment and that they ARE worth the risk.

“They call it a glass ceiling but I call it a brick wall” said Judy Chaikin. Below is a fabulous video of Chaikin discussing her role in Hollywood and why it’s more like a brick wall than a glass ceiling.



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