Women Have a Better Chance at Rocket Science Than Directing

In The New York Times article “In Hollywood, It’s a Men’s, Men’s, Men’s World,” author Manohla Dargis sheds light on the unsettling truth of the glass ceiling imposed on female directors in Hollywood.

While society is making (dishearteningly slow) progress towards gender equality, Hollywood has made about just as much progress as your old, white, innately sexist uncle who brings up how “women’s rights aren’t an issue” every Thanksgiving.

Dargis writes, “The reluctance to hire women seems symptomatic of a conservative, fear-driven industry that recycles the same genres, stereotypes and impoverished ideas year after year.”

It’s simple: so long as the industry refuses to do away with its outdated view that a woman’s sole purpose in film is to be the object gazed upon by the camera, there will never be mobility for female directors in Hollywood. How can an industry that still objectifies women onscreen even begin to grasp the idea that a woman can -gasp- be behind the screen calling the shots as well?

This video is exemplary. “Why Aren’t There More Female Directors?” exposes the blood-boiling gender inequality for directors in Hollywood. The impeccably witty and unapologetically sarcastic video champions the dismal 7% of female directors in an industry that is made up of 93% male directors.

“It’s easier right now for a woman to break into rocket science than into directing”

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