May the odds be ever in your favor – Hunger Games and Participatory Culture

According to the Gregg Driscoll reading, ‘participatory culture’ is basically the idea of audiences being able to interact with the media they are consuming. “At its clearest, participatory culture describes the systematic generation of  audience activity, usually by digital media” (Driscoll, 574).

One example of participatory culture in action is the entire subculture surrounding the Hunger Games series. Not only are they are young adult book series, but we also see many other ways audiences can engage with and participate with the series. There are blockbuster films, online communities where people share fan fiction and alternative theories, there are even Hunger Games toys.

One major source of audience participation are websites like this where Hunger Games lovers can actually feel like they are experiencing the world in which their favorite stories take place.It’s using digital media to engage audiences, just as Driscoll describes. This is only one of the many fansites, with some including games where you can gather as many points as possible by sharing Hunger Games images, tweets, etc. and playing games.


Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 7.47.18 PM.png


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