Media Convergence Example: The Lego Movie

Nothing in mainstream media today has the same level of relevance to the issue of media convergence than the smash blockbuster hit, The Lego Movie. The movie, originally a building toy, includes an agglomeration of popular characters from many different media franchises. This includes NBA players, DC Comic Book characters, Lord of the Rings characters, Harry Potter characters, and many more. Just thinking about how much work and money it must have taken to get the rights to all of these characters is enough to make your head spin. Or is it? The reality is that the Lego Company already had the rights to all of these characters and more. Each of those franchises had licensed the visual rights to the characters whenever they made a deal on another cross-promotional Lego Set. Lego had the rights to all of these characters and had the creative idea to utilize them all and create their own movie, which will undoubtedly be turned into its own franchise. Finding new ways to monetize previously unused intellectual property rights is an important element in the evolving convergence culture. In Goel’s (2015) Ney Work Times piece he uses the example of YouTube convincing Indian filmmakers to upload their content onto their platform to make ad money, “We convinced them there was value in a lot of that content that was just sitting there, and if they made it available, people would watch it.” Media content creators today will do everything they can to make sure they are utilizing every bit of their intellectual property.

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