Convergence Culture, good or bad?




We live in a media based world, many of us have now grown up in this world, although we all consumer media we often demonize it as well. However maybe its not necessarily a bad thing to be immersed in so much media as Henry Jenkins author of Convergence Culture states. “Convergence culture is the future, but it is taking shape now. Consumers will be more powerful with in convergence culture—but only if they recognize and use that power as both consumers and citizens, as full participants in our culture.” (Jenkins 260) A phenomenon is occurring, where a form of culture and way of relating to one another takes place through media, something that has never been done before. There is not only a culture but also power in the wide spread use of so much technology/media. Although Jenkins is obviously a big media person themselves their point of the power of the consumer is very important. Americans have not in the past thought about how they consume media but as media continues to become more central in our lives learning the power individuals have as consumers will only become more important.

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