Media Convergence Example: Damn Daniel

Media convergence is the process of merging together many different communication outlets like print, TV, and Radio as well as mobile technologies through a variety of media platforms. A prime example of the cultural logic of media convergence is the “Damn Daniel” video that went viral. According to Jenkins, convergence does not just involve companies getting together to produce media for our consumption, “It also occurs when people take media in their own hands” (Jenkins 17). With the technology we have today, two kids like Josh and Daniel can make media using mobile devices such as their phones. This creates an atmosphere where ordinary people can create media, instead of just the large corporations. Normal everyday experiences are being shared across multiple media platforms everyday via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snap chat, and many other sites. What seemed like just a completely random video made on Josh’s phone went viral in just a few days time and was viewed all over the world.

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